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The Galaxy Quest TV show is back on, thanks to Simon Pegg and Succession's Georgia Pritchett

The project was shelved after Alan Rickman's death, but now it seems to have been resurrected

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Galaxy Quest
Galaxy Quest
Photo: Dreamworks (Getty Images)

A few months ago, Sigourney Weaver teased that the long-in-the-works Galaxy Quest TV show—a spin-off of the Star Trek parody movie that nobody really liked when it came out but that everybody seems to like these days—was back in development. The project, which was in the works for Amazon years ago and had comedian Paul Scheer involved for some time, had largely been shelved after the death of Alan Rickman, who had a standout role in the original film and would’ve presumably been a big part of any TV version (if only to pop in and say his catchphrase from time to time). Now, though, it seems like Weaver was right and that the show is back on.

Speaking with The Times (via NME), Succession writer Georgia Pritchett revealed that she’s working on the Galaxy Quest TV show with Simon Pegg and… that’s it. There’s no other information about that, as the rest of the interview is about Pritchett’s writing career and how on American TV she’s “found a niche” where she makes “people care about awful people.” That’s pretty appropriate for Galaxy Quest, which was a whole meta show business thing about self-obsessed actors learning to be more noble and heroic like the characters they played on an old sci-fi TV show that was basically Star Trek with a different name, but that did pretty much happen in the movie, so it remains to be seen what a Galaxy Quest TV show would even look like (especially since a more straight-faced version of the show-within-a-show is already happening on Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville). The Galaxy Quest cast, which also included Tim Allen and Tony Shalhoub, has typically seemed fairly protective of the original film, especially once it achieved cult classic status, so they probably wouldn’t rush into something after Rickman’s death, but we’ll see how it goes.