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The House Of Cards hiatus extends for another 2 weeks as writers keep working

(Photo: Netflix, David Giesbrecht)

Shortly after the sexual misconduct allegations against Kevin Spacey came out, Netflix revealed that his series House Of Cards would be ending after a sixth and final season that had already gone into production. Then, while additional claims against Spacey came out that suggested he had made the House Of Cards set “toxic,” Netflix suspended production on the show and then announced that Spacey had been fired.

Now, as Netflix is presumably still retooling House Of Cards to account for the sudden disappearance of its former main character, the show’s producers have told the cast and crew that the hiatus will continue for another two weeks before production finally resumes. This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which adds that the show’s writing staff will continue to work “on a continuous basis.” The fact that the writing in particular seems to be requiring extra work implies that the show won’t simply be replacing all uses of “Frank Underwood” with “Claire Underwood” or introducing a new Underwood cousin who acts just like Frank but isn’t played by an accused sexual predator.


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