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This Is 40

If the last trailer for Judd Apatow's This Is 40 seemed—Paul Rudd's taint aside—too wistfully focused on the mundane, this follow-up preview further explains what's up with all the banality. It's because This is not just the story of Rudd and Leslie Mann's Knocked Up characters still bickering their way through middle age. No—"This is everyone's story," the new trailer declares, offering recognizable comedic slices of family life to which we can all relate and then use to come to our own understanding about what 40, exactly, is. Indeed, who among us does not feel slightly stagnated despite having a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters and a sprawling, tastefully appointed home with perfect natural light and huge, lush yards, while also worrying about our incredibly easygoing job in the music industry, and other things to which we will all say, "Why, it is as though I can feel Judd Apatow's pen tracing the edges of my very life as we speak!"?

But even if you're some sort of strange outlier who doesn't see himself reflected here, we suppose there are a few other things that may provoke some raspy hobo laughter—like Rudd's kid getting in trouble for making an unkind comparison to Tom Petty and Albert Brooks setting up an abortion joke, for example. These aren't things that everyone can relate to, but trust everyone else when they say that these, too, are 40. It's all 40.


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