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Today is doing just fine without Matt Lauer, thanks

They’ve got a puppy now, and everything! (Photo: NBC/Getty Images)

Suggesting that, just maybe, Matt Lauer wasn’t so vital to the success of NBC’s Today that he should have been allowed to install an informal sex dungeon in his office, Deadline reports that the morning news show is continuing to post strong ratings in the wake of the long-time host’s departure. And while analysts are suggesting that that’s largely a reaction to the lingering thrill of watching host Savannah Guthrie break the news of her colleague’s firing—over multiple sexual harassment charges—it’s definitely a blow to the idea that Lauer was the all-important linchpin of the show’s production.

According to Deadline, the NBC show has beat out its competitors for three week straight on all the major demographic metrics, even topping the normally all-powerful Good Morning America (which has been dealing with its own harassment scandal in the form of the also-fired Charlie Rose). It might not last long, but for now, going Lauer-free is continuing to work out for Today.


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