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Trump voters think Hillary Clinton should be impeached, even though she doesn’t have a job

As has recently been the case, the Trump administration’s massive, concerted effort to misdirect American voters is working. While a handful of very real accusations of collusion with Russia to fix the 2016 election threaten to, if not sink, then severely undermine Republican power, the right-wing establishment is instead trotting out the “what about her emails” play again, demanding (via increasingly elaborate charts) that, actually, it is the Clinton Foundation that has been corrupted by Russian influence. Jimmy Kimmel headed out onto the street to take this line of thinking to the next logical step, asking various Trump voters if they thought Hillary Clinton should be impeached, despite the fact that she lost the election and so cannot be impeached and shouldn’t be under investigation for literally anything.

You will not believe this, but they are in favor of impeachment. As with any “camera on the street” bit, the real takeaway is how deeply misinformed many Americans are, but also how certain they are of their convictions the second a camera comes on. It’s like they instantly start reaching for terms they’ve heard their favorite major-network bloviator toss out. When pressed on why she should be impeached, these first-time pundits fire off reasoning like “what she’s done,” “political crimes and human crimes,” as well as the nebulous but intriguing “Benedict Arnold law,” which will realistically be on the docket sometime next year. Your days in office are numbered, Clinton.

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