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Two more British persons join The Hobbit

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Two of the final crucial roles for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit series have now been filled, completing the circle that will open Hell’s Gate and bring about the Earth’s destruction at the hands of the Maori gods cast of the long-anticipated prequels. Luke Evans (Clash Of The Titans) has joined as Bard The Grim, who’s expected to provide some of the traditional “action-hero exploits” that Sean Bean and Viggo Mortensen did in the first film. Meanwhile, Bard’s nemesis, the talking dragon Smaug, will be played by Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch, who is a real person and not the main character in a Monty Python skit about a barrister who’s always wetting his knickers. Cumberbatch had already joined his Sherlock castmate Martin Freeman in the film a while back, playing the villainous Necromancer, and apparently so impressed Jackson that he landed Smaug as well. And for those who would question why Benedict Cumberbatch would be given two voiceover roles in the same film, consider that Cumberbatch’s voice is so awesome that it has its own Facebook fan page. Does your voice have a Facebook fan page? Most likely no. And no point starting one now just to prove us wrong.