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Well, of course that Meryl Streep poster campaign was actually about Donald Trump

(Photo: Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Yesterday, we reported on a street art campaign that cropped up recently in Los Angeles, targeting actress Meryl Streep with accusations that she knew, and stayed silent about, Harvey Weinstein’s alleged behavior toward women. There was a lot of speculation about who might have been behind the campaign, all of which seems pretty silly now, because of course it was right-wing asshole trolls, mad about Donald Trump.

Specifically—and this is per The Guardian—the posters were put up by a well-known online agitator known as Sabo, a guy who’s occasionally been described as the “alt-right Banksy,” a phrase that truly encapsulates the lowest possible bar that human ambition can stretch itself to grasp. And, shock of shock, Sabo went on to reveal in a short interview that the campaign has absolutely nothing to do with concerns about the Weinstein allegations—and Streep’s supposed knowledge of them, which he clearly gives no actual fucks about—and everything to do with striking back at her because she was mean to snowflake-in-chief Donald Trump.


Sabo was specifically pissed off about Streep’s latest film, The Post, viewing it as an attack on Trump. “She’s swiping at us so we’re swiping back,” he reportedly said, expressing what has to be the most drastic emotional reaction anyone’s had about The Post to date. So, yeah: Nobody involved in this little stunt cares about women, or the effects of persistent silence on the entrenched Hollywood power structure. Just scoring political “gotcha points,” as usual.

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