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The WWE universe can seem extremely strange and dense to an outside observer, with decades of relationships, heel turns, and bodyslams to keep up with, but it seems like the organization might be considering a new way to ease people into its arcane lore. As noted by Figure Four Online, a recent WWE survey asked fans whether or not they’d be interested in various different programming ideas, and while it included some straightforward, wrestling-centric stuff like classic matches with new commentary from WWE legends, one-time-only live events, and an “audio channel” that would feature the sounds of pay-per-views, it also tried to gauge wrestling fans’ interest in scripted comedies like “WWE’s version of The Office” and scripted dramas like “a WWE version of Game Of Thrones.”

Sadly, that’s all the information we have about those possible ideas, but they both seem extremely interesting. A WWE version of The Office seems like it would be pretty easy, since the organization already has managers and recognizable “characters” who work for corporate WWE, but a wrestling-themed Game Of Thrones has the potential to be very crazy. Would it be a fantasy world inspired by wrestling beefs and personas? Would there be soldiers going to war in the name of House Stone Cold and House The Rock? Because that would be incredible.


There’s no way to tell what the results of this survey were, but hopefully WWE gets to work on this Game Of Thrones show as soon as possible.

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