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Zack Snyder says he isn’t going to torture us with a 3-hour Justice League movie

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday, the internet struck fear in the hearts of evildoers and moviegoers when it began circulating a rumor that Justice League’s runtime was 170 minutes. We can thank IMDB for kicking off the speculation, because its Justice League entry lists that nearly 3-hour runtime. Luckily, most people took that wild guess for what it was—after all, the movie is still in production. But JL producer Jon Berg helped put the kibosh on those concerns by reaching out to to Zack Snyder directly for confirmation [Ed. note: We incorrectly listed Berg as a fan of the film, but he also happens to be a producer.]


As you can see, Snyder denied the claim—and with a joke, no less. But just because the Justice League director took the time to respond to this rumor doesn’t mean DCEU fans should start pelting him with questions about the number of Marthas in his film.

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