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America now at war with Debra Messing, we guess

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The United States Armed Services are presumably on high alert today, as the President Of The United States (and leader of the free world) made it clear that he’s very mad at actress Debra Messing—just absolutely peeved, folks. And while the Will And Grace actress has yet to be formally named an enemy of the state—unlike the “lamestream media,” an actual phrase that the actual person who actually runs this fucking country just actually used in a tweet—recent intelligence briefings suggest she is considered to be dangerously quirky, with strong ties to the “amusingly flustered” community.


In case it wasn’t clear, Messing has been convicted—like so many of America’s renegade famouses—of being a celebrity who doesn’t much care for Donald Trump, currently one of the highest crimes in the land. Specifically, she went on social media this weekend (along with Eric McCormack, and possibly other members of the W&G sleeper cell, always ready to revive themselves at a moment’s notice) in order to question who might be attending a Trump fundraiser that’s coming up in Hollywood, so as to maybe not work with, or make money for, people who will then turn around and donate it to the campaigns of any racist, sexist, xenophobic liars they might know.

Trump fired back this morning with a tweet about how he remembers when Messing was a lot more respectful toward him when he was just a moderately successful reality TV clown she shared a network with—which is kind of like a monkey being mad at you because you liked it when you were in the circus together, but are acting all afraid of it now that it’s running around in public with a loaded gun. (Which, to be fair: It’s still the same monkey it’s always been, and we probably should have been paying more attention when people were trying to give that gun to it.)

Anyway, Messing responded to the sight of Trump using an official U.S. government line of communication to attack her with, well, grace (sorry), suggesting he worry less about his fond memories of after-parties and upfronts, and more on the various issues facing the country he ostensibly runs.