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Apparently Run The Jewels tracks sync eerily well with Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Photos: Getty Images (Left: Daniel Boczarski; Right: Nicholas Hunt)

Great art often hides secrets. Da Vinci supposedly buried hidden numbers and messages in the Mona Lisa; Kendrick Lamar made an album-length narrative that works frontwards and backwards. Other supposed accidents appear too finely wrought to be mere coincidence, like the connections between Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon and The Wizard Of Oz.

Add to that list of mythic artworks containing secret multitudes the newly unveiled collaboration between walking hoagie Guy Fieri and beloved rap outfit Run The Jewels, who have apparently secretly been syncing all of their music to match the hyperactive editing and queso-fueled enthusiasm of the long-running Food Network road show.


Killer Mike and El-P’s scorched-earth vitriol renders Fieri’s exploration of America’s most depraved eating habits into something of an expose—that “doctors of death” line becomes positively chilling when paired with footage of some sort of power drill being taken to a vat of chili—while the aggression of El-P’s beat matches the aggression of the TV show host’s taste in jewelry. Of course, credit for this collaboration can’t go exclusively to RTJ; this discovery renders Fieri something of a subversive provocateur, turn all 25 seasons of his show into a secret agent of revolutionary, packaged and delivered to middle America when they least expect it. Fieri’s 2017 rehabilitation is now complete.

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