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Bruce Wayne finally suits up in new Gotham promo

What does teenage rebellion look like for an orphaned billionaire? Probably something like this new promo for the upcoming fourth season of Gotham. In it, we see a not-so-young-anymore Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) argue with his guardian and butler Alfred (Sean Pertwee) about just how hands-on the teen needs to be, now that the villains have risen in Gotham. Cue the lines from other Batman adaptations, in which Alfred has to remind Bruce that hey, there’s a whole philanthropic angle he could take, if he really wants to help his fellow citizens. But screw that, because Bruce wants to become the proto-Batman, complete with balaclava and confident stance on a rooftop.

It’s the moment fans have been waiting for, and appropriately enough, the fourth season is subtitled “A Dark Knight.” We’ll see him hold court when Gotham returns to Fox on Thursday, September 21.


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