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Denis Leary is developing a hockey comedy for IFC

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Denis Leary is known for being a very enigmatic comedian. For example, even his biggest fans might be surprised to learn that he’s from the Boston area, his family is Irish, he likes saying the word “asshole,” his first name is spelled weird, and he’s a big fan of ice hockey. In fact, we’re willing to go out on a limb and declare that nobody knew any of those things about Denis Leary until just now.

Anyway, Leary is going to be turning one of those secret facts about himself into a TV show. According to Variety, Leary is executive producing a comedy series called Uncle Chubby’s for IFC. Despite the name, it’s not about a chain of fast food restaurants and/or strip clubs, it’s actually about some young guys who form an ice hockey team. The script is being written by Jim Serpico and Tom Sellitti—two guys who work for Apostle, Leary’s production company—so there’s a slim chance Uncle Chubby’s won’t take place in Boston and star a bunch of Irish guys, but we wouldn’t count on it. As for Leary himself, soon he’ll be starring in FX’s Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, a show about a washed-up rock star who is probably from Boston, calls everybody an asshole, and loves ice hockey.