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Devin Faraci re-resigns from Fantastic Fest after resurgent anger over assault allegations

(Photo: Jerrod Harris/Getty Images)

Earlier today, we reported on outrage breaking out among the ranks of the Alamo Drafthouse and its affiliated efforts—including next week’s Fantastic Fest in Austin—over news that editor Devin Faraci had quietly returned to the company’s ranks, and was writing materials for its Fantastic Fest program guide. The anger—which included at least one high-profile resignation—was centered on allegations that were levied against Faraci (the former editor in chief of the company’s Birth.Movies.Death. blog) last year, stating that he’d once groped and sexually assaulted a woman.

At the time, Faraci quickly resigned from his position, but at least one employee has suggested that he was gone from the company for barely a month before CEO Tim League brought him back to anonymously write copy for Drafthouse theaters. When his byline was discovered on the Fantastic Fest materials—and the anger began to build—League posted about his decision on Facebook, framing it as an attempt to give Faraci a second chance.


That attitude seemed to have taken a turn earlier this afternoon, though, when Faraci’s posts began to disappear from the Fantastic Fest program. Now, League has announced that Faraci offered him his resignation this afternoon, and that League decided to accept it. The CEO posted a letter he sent to his employees on the topic to Facebook.

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