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Helen Mirren thinks she'd be "so funny" playing Trump

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It seems like everybody on the planet believes they have a passable impression of Donald Trump, and for whatever reason we as a society have felt the need to acknowledge and give spotlights to the best few—whether it’s with an open invitation to SNL or a series on Comedy Central. Because of this, though, a number of Trump impressions fall through the cracks, and there’s simply not enough room for everybody to have a chance to show off how great theirs is. One of the people missing out is Helen Mirren, who recently revealed during an interview (via The Hollywood Reporter) that she’d be “so funny as Trump.”


Mirren doesn’t say if she’s got his stupid mannerisms or disjointed speech patterns down, but she does note that she’s “almost got the hair.” Mostly, Mirren seems to think Trump is a “fascinating character” who is “slightly Shakespearean” and may have a “Shakespearean fall.” As for how she’d handle putting herself in his stupid shoes, Mirren says she’d “look at the upbringing” and see how his schooling and his father made him who he is. “You have to start with the child,” she says, “and the child is very much in Trump.”

Mirren just seems to be spitballing here, but perhaps this could set up an eventual I’m Not There-style biopic where a bunch of different people play different versions of Trump throughout his life. It’ll just be a parade of celebrities with long ties and bad wigs saying “yuuuge,” and everybody will get a kick out of it even though the real Trump is a source of endless misery that we may never truly recover from.

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