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Creator Jesse Armstrong says they're "almost done" writing Succession's fourth season

Armstrong, the show's creator, gave an update on the HBO series during the BAFTA TV Awards

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Jesse Armstrong
Jesse Armstrong
Photo: Gareth Cattermole (Getty Images)

At last night’s BAFTA TV Awards, Succession creator Jesse Armstrong collected the award for Best Supporting Actor on behalf of an absent Matthew Macfadyen, who won for his performance as Tom Wambsgans on the HBO series. Following the acceptance speech, Armstrong teased that the writing team is almost finished with the fourth season.

“We’re almost done with the writing for season 4, here in London, with the American writers coming over,” Armstrong said as he met with press backstage. “They’re a really great group of people to talk about the nuances of character and the world and what we’re doing on the show.”


After the initial writing wraps, Armstrong says everything will then be shared with the cast for their feedback, as “it’s useful, [because] they’re smart, and they think things about their character.” Then there’s, of course, the rest of the production to complete, from the location scouting to filming to editing. So, for Succession fans, patience is very much a virtue.

When it came to the man of the hour, Armstrong said Macfadyen always has a “delicate response” to the written material.


“Matthew is just a lovely guy. Since it’s his night, I’m not ashamed to say that he’s just always a pleasure to work with,” Armstrong says. “He can do anything as an actor.”

Nicholas Braun, Macfadyen’s co-star and Sporus, had some lovely words to say about the actor as well, which Armstrong relayed during the acceptance speech.

“There’s no one I’d rather have kiss me tenderly on the forehead,” Armstrong said, doing his best Braun impression. “When we filmed that scene, I kept asking for more and more takes. But eventually Jesse Armstrong—a great man with a cool vibe—brought me into a corner on set and said ‘Nick, we have to move on. You’ve had enough forehead kisses, so go home, Nick.’”

We’re sure we’ll hear more about the forthcoming season, as Succession is poised to dominate television awards this year following the airing of its third season.