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New Overboard trailer gets into the feel-good nature of tricking a jerk with amnesia

The first teaser for the gender-swapped Overboard remake put in a good effort toward making the original’s creepy premise seem a bit less creepy, and this extended trailer adds another wrinkle to the story of a woman who takes advantage of a jerk with no memory but lots of money: What if the whole thing is really a super good idea for everyone involved? It starts off with Anna Faris’ character happily screwing over Eugenio Derbez for being mean to her, but there’s some indication as the trailer goes on that Faris is really happy with her new fake husband and that Derbez is gradually becoming a better person without the pressure of his pesky memories. Apparently, Kurt Russell kidnapping Goldie Hawn was weird, but Anna Faris kidnapping Eugenio Derbez is kind of nice.

Overboard will be in theaters on April 20.


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