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The L Word Is Now A Murder Mystery

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If you've never seen The L Word, or if you haven't watched the series as a whole, first off, congratulations. You've successfully managed to avoid five seasons' worth of a show that has no idea what it wants to be and even little idea how it should go about being those things. Having no real knowledge of the show, no doubt you probably assume that it's a drama about lesbians. While that description is technically correct, it doesn't take into account the full, terrible, garish bloom of The L Word's ridiculousness. Over the seasons, the show has shifted from earnest lesbian soap opera, to high-camp melodrama, to whatever Season 4 was supposed to be, to completely self-aware farce. It's the kind of show where continuity is a rarity, where diorama construction can take the place of character development, and where plots and subplots were probably pieced together by dumping a magnetic poetry kit on the ground and then vacuuming up three words at random ("Incest Carnival Memory," "Silent Yoga Kidnapping," "Betty Jacuzzi Cruise," etc.).


Anyway, just in case you haven't heard, in its 6th season The L Word has decided to become Law & Order, which actually makes complete sense considering that the show is largely written by a Dustbuster:

I really hope that scene ends with Jennifer Beals walking to the kitchen, opening the door, and revealing the Price Is Right studio. The L Word has been a game show all along!

In case you're wondering why Showtime is so giddy about a character's death (Title of clip: "The L Word: Jenny is dead!"), it's for marketing purposes. Anyone who has ever watched an episode of The L Word has thought, "Kill Jenny!" so advertising her murder is really the best possible way to get people to watch. Of course, it also takes away the whole "mystery" part of the murder mystery, since it's obvious who killed Jenny: everyone watching The L Word.