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Tom Hiddleston narrates a skinny-dipping session in this Earth At Night In Color exclusive clip

Exclusive clip
Earth At Night In Color
Screenshot: Earth At Night In Color

Apple TV+’s Earth At Night In Color is a new docuseries that literally shines a light on nocturnal wildlife, using high-tech cameras and what the streamer calls a “revolutionary editing process” (think reverse “day for night”) to show us all the stirring that goes on at night across the world. For a shoot in the wetlands of South America, for example, the Earth At Night In Color crew attached a gyro-stabilized camera to a small boat to capture jaguars hunting along the river, a rare sight for even the most in-depth nature documentaries.


For this new generation of nature docs, Apple TV+ had to enlist a potential heir to Sir David Attenborough’s narration throne. Enter Tom Hiddleston, who’s clearly relishing providing the voiceover for animal escapades and frolicking, even if he doesn’t have Attenborough’s background as a natural historian. In this exclusive clip, Hiddleston, possibly on a break from filming Disney+’s Loki series, narrates a pool party high up in the hills somewhere. There are no celebrity guests here: just some skinny-dipping bears. (Yes, we know bears are always bare, but that just means they’re always skinny-dipping.)

Under COVID quarantine, the streets of the largest cities in the world are desolate of most two-legged perambulators, creating an opportunity for animals to descend upon them in what’s like the “nature is healing” meme gone wild. Here in the U.S., bears wander into human environs much more frequently, and usually to much more hair-raising effect. But in this case, they just want to do what many of us wished we could do last summer—go for a carefree swim.

Earth At Night In Color traverses six continents, from the Arctic Circle to the African grasslands, in a 12-part series, the first half of which premieres December 4 on Apple TV+. As our worlds have become limited to what’s indoors, it’s definitely worth a look (and a listen).