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Watchmen screenwriter Alex Tse is developing a Super Fly remake

(Photo: Getty Images/Separate Cinema Archive, John D. Kisch)

According to Variety, Sony has begun developing a remake of Super Fly, Gordon Parks Jr.’s cult blaxploitation hit from 1972. The original Super Fly got a sequel, so Variety notes that Sony is hoping that this new movie will also “lead to a series of films”—even though every studio hopes that every movie will somehow spawn a series of endless sequels. At this time, all we know about the new Super Fly is that it will be written by Alex Tse, a screenwriter who worked on the Watchmen movie, Spike Lee’s Sucker Free City, an early draft of the troubled Crow revival, and that’s about it.

The original movie starred Ron O’Neal as Youngblood Priest, a cocaine dealer looking to make one last sale before he retires. Naturally, that’s easier said than done. The movie was also accompanied by a soundtrack that was so wildly successful that it actually made more money than the film itself. This new version will probably have to live up to that more than anything, but if Sony wants a free idea, it could really just reuse the exact same soundtrack.


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