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Zoë Kravitz to star in super-powered heist movie

The movie is based on a Leyna Krow short story about twin thieves

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Zoë Kravitz
Zoë Kravitz
Photo: David Livingston (Getty Images)

After playing Catwoman, a super-criminal with no superpowers, in The Batman, Zoë Kravitz is taking it a step further by starring in a movie about two criminals, one of whom does have superpowers. Titled The Sundance Kid Might Have Some Regrets, the movie is based on a Leyna Krow story of the same name about two twins who rob banks, with one of them having “telekinesis, super-strength, language fluency, invincibility, and more” while the other… is apparently just a normal person. It’s all going well for the twins until a job goes bad and the non-super twin has second thoughts “when the gunfire starts to hail on her and her impenetrable sister.”

That comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says Krow’s original story “is described as a redefining of the heist genre.” The report doesn’t specifically say who Kravitz is playing, but we assume it’s one (and therefore probably both) of the twins. The report also doesn’t say anything about a director or other cast members, but Kravitz is also producing and Warner Bros. won a bidding war for the project.


Speaking of directors, Kravitz will make her feature debut as one with Pussy Island, starring Simon Rex, Channing Tatum, and Naomi Ackie. That movie is about a woman trying to form a relationship with a rich tech mogul and ends up getting stuck in some kind of terrifying thriller nightmare on his private island. Meanwhile, another Leyna Krow story, “Sinkhole,” is getting an adaptation produced by Jordan Peele and Issa Rae. That one’s about a sinkhole that a family discovers in the backyard of their dream home that has the ability to fix things, leading them to wonder if it can “fix” people. So everything seems to be going well for everybody involved here. That’s nice for them, right?