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As we noted when Harvard Law mistakenly reported that he had died, Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci can’t help but do everything to the max. Unfortunately for him, doing things to the max often goes hand-in-hand with failing to look before you leap, which is probably why he was able to pull off such a humorously brief tenure as Donald Trump’s White House Communications Director in the first place.

Now, The Mooch is finally ready to launch his next big adventure: a media company called the Scaramucci Post. He’s been teasing this for a while, with the name first popping up in early September, but The Hill is reporting that he formally launched the company at a big event last night in New York. As it turns out, though, nobody actually knows what the Scaramucci Post really is, and rather than a lavish launch party, the event was really a “round-table discussion” about the state of the country that was more like a “low-key party and part-press conference.”


During this weird party, Scaramucci explained that he wants this new thing to be a “millennial-first media company” that distributes all of its content on social media rather than through a traditional website. He hasn’t hired any reporters, implying that he’s doing all of the work himself, but at least there’s not actually any work to do at this point. The Mooch also claims his new Twitter page will be “true centrist, informative content,” saying he hopes to be a “middle lane” compared to left or right-leaning news organizations.

Naturally, he doesn’t have a any kind of launch date yet, saying just that “actions always speak louder than words” so everyone should just wait and see when it happens.

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