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Photo: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Earlier this week, Netflix put out a free—and shockingly decent—Stranger Things mobile game to promote the quickly approaching premiere of the series’ second season. It turns out there was a little surprise waiting for fans who made it all the way through the gang’s Zelda-inspired video game adventure. Over on Reddit, a user named icecreamboy201 posted that upon finishing the game, players are treated to a brand new scene from the upcoming season, and thankfully for those of us who are too lazy to do it ourselves, they also captured and uploaded the video.

The 20-second clip comes from a Halloween scene that we’ve gotten glimpses of in the past. The boys, dressed up like Ghostbusters, are off trick-or-treating and get into an all-too-familiar argument about the merits of Three Musketeers bars before getting the bejesus scared out of them by one of the season’s new characters, Max, who’s sporting a pretty solid Michael Myers costume. We’ll get to see more from her, sans the game’s goofy MST3K-style pixel-art border, when Stranger Things season two premieres on October 27.


[via TV Guide]

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