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Blacklist star Megan Boone says her character will never carry an assault rifle again

Photo: Virginia Sherwood (NBC)

America’s in the middle of yet another heated conversation about guns at the moment, as the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, energizes people on both sides of the debate to make a push for gun laws that make some kind of god-damned sense. (Or not, as the case may be.) Among the many side-talks happening right now—especially from people looking for any number of non-gun things to blame these latest shootings on—is the one about the role of violent media in causing people to do violent things, an old saw recently trotted out by Donald Trump.

And while that’s largely bullshit, in terms of actual research into people’s motivations to do terrible things, it is true that Hollywood does some of the work of fetishizing gun culture in America, what with all those cool-looking, loving pans across various assault rifles and machine guns that frequently pop up on TV and in movies. But not any more, as far as at least one NBC series is concerned; Megan Boone, who stars opposite James Spader on the network’s espionage thriller The Blacklist, says her character will never carry an assault rifle again.


Boone made the statement on Twitter today, noting that FBI agent Liz Keen will never again be seen with a rifle in her hands, and apologizing for the fact that she carried one in the past. Obviously, this is just one actress, on one show, on one network, taking a stand on one specific kind of gun, but it’s still an interesting bit of gun-related rebellion, especially coming from a series that’s put its fair share of choreographed gunplay on display.

[via Deadline]

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