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Guy tries to mansplain Indiana Jones’ costume to the woman who designed it

Here’s another cautionary tale for men who plan to be obnoxious on the internet any time soon. After a screenshot from a recent Jeopardy! episode was shared on Facebook, one foolish dude took to the comments to argue that a question about the inspiration for Indiana Jones’ outfit in Raiders Of The Lost Ark was inherently flawed. Another commenter quickly rebuked his correction and informed him that the question was fine as is, only to have this guy double down on his claims with the confidence that only an online debater can have. Unbeknownst to this dummy, he was actually arguing with esteemed costume designer Deborah Landis who— in addition to being an adult human being whose valid arguments should be respected —designed the damn costumes for Raiders in the first place.

“I was there. [Spielberg] and I watched Incas together in an empty theater. Stanley, you have got to be kidding,” wrote Landis after being told by a random man that a director she knows personally has reportedly said things she knows to be untrue. One can only imagine the look on poor Stanley’s face as he was so viciously owned by an industry veteran, before presumably slamming his laptop shut and sticking his fingers in his ears.


A screenshot of the conversation was posted by Landis’ son Max, who readers may know from his own gender-based film debates, his screenwriting, or just for being the son of director John Landis. Despite the wealth of content he’s created over the years, Max Landis was quick to admit that merely being a spectator to this exchange was the best thing he’d ever done.

Others on Twitter had to agree, as “Stanley, you have got to be kidding,” became the new rallying cry for everyone that’s had it with tiresome men.


Moral of the story: Don’t be like Stanley.

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