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We got a headache from trying to pinpoint all the references in the latest trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, his long-awaited film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s divisive paean to ‘80s pop culture. Of course, that headache may also have something to do with a director as vaunted as Spielberg making what many are worried will just be a big-budget Epic Movie, a flick more interested in making references than using them to tell an interesting story.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of YouTubers out there who are happy to point out the ones we missed. The above video, which comes courtesy of Nerdist, points out 25 different easter eggs, which translates to one every 5.8 seconds. It’s okay, we’re exhausted, too.


Among them are four Street Fighter characters—Ryu, Blanka, Sagot, and Chun-Li—as well as The Joker, Harley Quinn, and the Batmobile. Cars are in abundance, it seems, with the Bigfoot monster truck speeding alongside vehicles from Speed Racer and The A-Team. Even John Cusack’s iconically creepy Peter Gabriel-blasting boombox from Say Anything has a place here.

Ready Player One isn’t out until March. There will be more trailers, which means there will be more references. Here’s hoping for a John Bender cameo.

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