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So You Think You Can Dance again issues strongly worded challenge

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Here’s what’s up in the world of TV for Wednesday, May 28. All times are Eastern.


So You Think You Can Dance (Fox, 8 p.m.): One of TV’s most enjoyable reality shows returns for another season of dancing that doesn’t involve taking one’s pants off. Honestly, does anybody still remember Pants Off Dance Off? We do, but that could just be because it was hosted by Jodie Sweetin, and we find following her career to be of paramount importance. Wait. Was that the one hosted by Jodie Sweetin? These are the things one’s mind ponders once summer TV season rolls around, and we start to get a little stir crazy. Anyway, we’ll probably drop in a few times on this show over the season to come, but probably not on the audition episodes. Never the audition episodes!

Band Of Brothers (1 p.m.): The penultimate episode airs, with some of the more devastatingly emotional moments ever broadcast on American television. Todd VanDerWerff is solemnly preparing to watch this one again as he writes this.

New Feature Alert: Look, everybody! A new feature! Even celebrities enjoy things, and if they’re anything like us, they’re going to enjoy making lists! Which is why Todd VanDerWerff surprised Fargo’s Allison Tolman by asking her to make a list of her top five stage musicals.

We’ve got a fresh new TV Review for you, too, as Erik Adams surveys NBC’s latest comedy outing, Undateable, and says it provides some enjoyable summer laughs.

Be sure, too, to check out our Inventory of ways that TV shows have dealt with the untimely deaths of cast members while they were in production. There were a surprising number of them that we found.


Alien Encounters: Origins (Science, 8 p.m.): We’ll have an alien encounter with you, buddy!


World’s Strongest Toddler (TLC, 8 p.m.): What if the world’s strongest toddler had an alien encounter? Do you think that the aliens would just leave us alone already then?

The World Wars (History, 9 p.m.): Yeah, Alasdair Wilkins didn’t think much of this one when he reviewed it, but we were greatly amused by the TV Guide summary, which we reproduce in full: “World War II breaks out in the series finale.” Oh, is that all?


Inside The Mind Of Edward Snowden (NBC, 10 p.m.): Is this a remake of that Muppet Babies episode where all of the characters went into Miss Piggy’s brain, only with the staff of NBC News going into Edward Snowden’s brain? No? It’s just the first interview with Snowden in almost a year? FINE.

My Man Godfrey (TCM, 8 p.m.): It’s too hot to do anything but watch TV, but there’s no TV on. So if you’re immune to the charms of dancing people, why not check out a classic movie? That’s what we’ll be doing. And then we’ll take a nap!


Captain Phillips (Starz, 9 p.m.): There’s some good stuff in this movie. Don’t be dissuaded by the hilariously on-the-nose opening scene where Tom Hanks and Catherine Keener talk about how there are a lot of economic problems out there right now, did you know?

Stanley Cup Playoff: Game 5: Kings at Blackhawks (NBC Sports, 8 p.m.): The Kings have taken a 3-1 lead in this series, so they could wrap up a trip to the finals tonight. And the greater Los Angeles metroplex will sort of notice that it happened!


Inside Amy Schumer (Tuesday): Wednesday television may be over and done with for the time being, but a few Tuesday stalwarts are hanging on. That includes the japes and jokes of Inside Amy Schumer, covered, as always, by our very own Kate Knibbs.