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The coolest government Twitter account is waging war on unsafe chairs

Screenshot: Twitter

As far as Trump-era government agencies go, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has a few things going for it. It seems to be actually making an effort to accomplish its stated goal of protecting the public from injury or death due to consumer products. It is, per an email with their team, “run by a five-person bi-partisan Commission with a Chairman nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate,” rather than one of the counselors from the preppy camp across the lake in an ‘80s teen comedy, which is refreshing. It also has a pretty fun Twitter account.

While the CSPC.gov website takes the tone you might expect from the federal government on topics such as chainsaws that won’t turn off (yikes) or avalanche transceivers that don’t actually work (YIKES), their Twitter is much more whimsical.


Here’s the CPSC on portable generator safety:

Here they are blowing up some mannequins in the name of fireworks safety:


And here they are saying the word “Horses”:


Finally, they would also very much like you to narc on some chairs:


While the tone of the CPSC’s Twitter might come off as try-hard to some, we can probably all agree it’s a lot better than, let’s say, actively poisoning children.


Here’s hoping the agency weathers these tumultuous times in our government, and the commission doesn’t suddenly get replaced by that guy who cuts the boat in half and tapes it back together, or maybe just a big pile of rusty lawn darts. (For what it’s worth, a social media specialist at the commission says the Twitter account “has broad support within the agency,” and that it’s unlikely to change no matter who’s in office.)

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