While the aftermath of The Avengers finds Iron Man and Captain America dragging around their personal baggage and stuffing their cargo pants with emotions, Thor has arguably the lightest burden of them all. He just has to pick up his girlfriend Natalie Portman from wherever S.H.I.E.L.D. stashed her—and, oh, maybe deal with the imminent destruction of the entire universe. Of course, this trailer doesn’t do a whole lot to explain how or why that destruction is happening: There’s lots of ominous talk, some truck-levitating kids, a few intense battle scenes (expertly staged by Game Of Thrones vet Alan Taylor, it looks like), and finally, a hint that Portman’s character might be more disposable than ever. But then, The Dark World doesn’t hit until October, so there will surely be many more, even longer trailers to come and spell out what could be so dark about this particular darkness that it would send Thor to Prison Casual Loki for help. It must be pretty dark.