Hey you guys, So I just got the following email update from my main home slices over at Allhiphop.com "Chicago rapper Twista is hard at work on his third major-label album and will be adding the role of actor to his growing list of titles. "I aint know too much about acting, but I got one of the best acting coaches," Twista told AllHipHop.com. "I ain't gonna reveal no secrets or nothing, [but] we gonna put it down right and you're gonna see Twista doing it real big on the screen." I don't know about you guys but I personally couldn't be more excited. Though by admission he "ain't know too much about acting" he's totally hooked up with the "one of the best acting coaches". Oh, do dish, Mr. Twista! Is it the ghost of Stella Adler? An undead Stanislavsky? The horrific zombified corpse of Laurence Olivier? Could it be a dude whose name begins with "Jamie" and ends with "Foxx"? Will Twista be pursuing the Method or more of a conventional, Shakespearean stage-bound approach? Reveal your secrets, Twista! Whatever route he takes I have no doubt that he will be the best actor of all time! He's already the world's fastest rapper. It's only a matter of time until he's the world's bestest actor as well. And just think of the countless advantages of hiring Twista to do "it real big on the screen"! Why he'll be able to work his way through dialogue twice as fast as all the non-tongue-twisting thespians out there. What role would you guys like to see Twista play? And do you all agree with me that Twista will undoubtedly be the greatest raptor ever to do it real big on the screen? Why does every rapper have to act? Wouldn't their time and energy perhaps be better spent I dunno, creating better music? Discuss.