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It's a question at least as old as Michael Kors' "mother of the bride" quips: What happens to a person after they've been on Project Runway?

Over the past three (and a half) seasons, two main career paths have emerged:

1. Indentured servitude to Bravo, including but not limited to , turning your sketches into online coloring books, guest spots on the lamentable Tim Gunn's Guide To Style, and pretending that you drive your Saturn to the beach to look for inspiration. (Most of the fan favorite designers, including Nick, Kara Saun, Alison, and Daniel V., fall into this category.)

2. Jay McCarroll. (So far, this career path basically consists of showing a collection at fashion week, dispelling homeless rumors via Youtube videos, and avoiding indentured servitude to Bravo.)

But now, thanks to season three contestant Michael Knight, a new career path has emerged:

3. Add a "y" to your name and put together a Pussycat Dolls rip-off called Kitty's Litter to help sell your new, apparently aerobics-inspired lingerie line. What? Yes:

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Poor Michael, I mean, Mychael. Maybe he thought Bravo's cameras were a time machine that transported him 20 years into a future where every woman dresses like Fergie dipped in neon spandex?

Still, it's better than driving your Saturn to a pre-selected inspiration location. (Or, you know, winning America's Next Top Model and portraying one of Tyra Bank's many appendages in photo after photo for the rest of your life.)

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