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What The New Fall Out Boy Bar Is Going To Be Like

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, of pointy bangs and V-Cast phone commercial fame, is opening a bar in New York at the end of this month.

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Based on

this interview with Wentz in New York Magazine, here's what that bar is going to be like: 1. A place for people to come together, drink, and share ideas–reminicent of Warhol's the Factory. If, you know, the Factory was modeled after a hangout for cartoon turtles and the people who like them ironically:

We're not trying to make a pile of cash and have this place that's written up everywhere –it's just a cool idea. This communal thing, it's a lost narrative in pop culture. You don't have anything like the Factory anymore, and where people can come together and talk and get wasted. I want it to be like Shredder's hangout in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

2. The kind of bar that sells killer t-shirts.

I've come up with a design for the bar, and I'm doing the T-shirts. Technically the bar goes by Angels & Kings, but me and all my friends call it AK-47. That's what the T-shirts are going to say.

3. A place with enough space to accomodate anywhere from 6 to 21 people, and all their 80s movie references:

How big of a posse do you roll with?

Usually like five close friends, sometimes up to twenty. But it's not like Entourage or anything. Everybody that I roll with is into Goonies.


But also a place with a long bar and lots of corners to vomit in:

I'm gonna watch all my friends get wasted and puke everywhere. It's gonna be really funny. And since I was little dude, I've always had a dream of sliding somebody down the bar. You know what I'm talking about? Like they did in cowboy movies? I think I might make that a reality.


4. A laid-back kind of place, where one can gaze at the mug shots of fallen heroes lining the walls and really feel them, you know?

Describe the décor.

We're putting up mug shots on the wall of people we're fans of. Like we have this awesome Sid Vicious mug shot where you can tell he's just like a fucked-up kid, like everyone had him pegged wrong. It speaks to me.


5. An old-fashioned watering hole that doesn't subscribe to a very specific, clearly fictional type of cool:

You're not a New York band, and no one I know in New York listens to you. Are you worried people won't think the place is cool?

No, because I'm not trying to make it cool. It's not being designed for dudes with Rod Stewart hair and white belts to go hang out at, you know?


It is, however, being designed for DJ worshippers:

And we're raising the D.J. booth because the D.J. should be like God. He shouldn't have to deal with anyone trying to talk to him.