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You have no choice but to watch this teaser for The Walking Dead

AMC released a promo for The Walking Dead last month to remind viewers of the survivors holed up in Alexandria we might (still) care about. The latest teaser highlights just how hard-won their survival has been, as well as suggests a whole new set of moral dilemmas for them to wrestle with.

Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl (Norman Reedus), Michonne (Danai Gurira), and Glenn (Steven Yeun) are determined to stay in and fortify the safe haven they found—well, took—last season. Meanwhile, Ethan Embry’s new character is already rebelling, Morgan (Lennie James) predicts an even deadlier future, and Carol (Melissa McBride) stresses her chaotic-good philosophy. There are also hordes of zombies in the woods, just in case you forgot what this show is really about.


The Walking Dead season six premieres October 11 on AMC.

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