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Alec Baldwin to play John DeLorean in scripted scenes for new documentary

(Photo: Getty Images for Spike, Mike Coppola)

It looks like Alec Baldwin is trading in the orange makeup from his recurring gig on Saturday Night Live for some stainless steel and those sweet gull-wing doors, as Variety is reporting that he’ll be playing John DeLorean in a new documentary about the DMC founder and excessively innovative car designer. Apparently, Baldwin will be appearing in “a series of scripted scenes” that are being added to Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce’s yet-untitled DeLorean documentary, and his hair and makeup team from SNL will be joining him on the project as well. The documentary is coming in 2018, and it will feature interviews with “colleagues, employees, lawyers, friends, and family” along with the “dramatized vignettes” starring Baldwin.

This project is not to be confused with the fictionalized take on John DeLorean that Nick Hamm is directing, which will feature Lee Pace as the man himself and Jason Sudeikis and Timothy Olyphant as two FBI agents trying to shut down his cocaine trafficking operation. (John DeLorean had a lot of stuff going on besides those cool cars.)


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