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CBS and Seth Rogen are teaming up for a show that sounds kind of like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but with a guy

(Photo: Paul Drinkwater/Getty Images)

In an announcement that we can honestly say we didn’t see coming tonight, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg—the guys behind vulgar, borderline insane TV shows like Preacher and Future Man—have successfully sold a pilot to good old CBS. To be fair, Rogen and Goldberg’s new show, 25, does sound less outwardly crazy than those blood-soaked, brain-exploding violence-fests, even if there are still some red flags lurking around its premise:

The hybrid comedy follows twenty-something Kyle who comes to Austin to finally convince his old best friend from camp they are perfect for each other. Unfortunately, she just got engaged. A lot of guys would give up, but Kyle is not one of those guys. To Kyle’s surprise, even though he came to town looking for “the one,” he might end up with much more than that.


All in all, it sounds a lot like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, except with a guy in the role of the borderline-deranged person persevering despite things like “boundaries,” “good emotional sense” or “laws.” (Also, presumably less singing.) The show was created by Hilary Winston, whose recent credits include Community, My Name Is Earl, and Dr. Ken, and who will write and executive produce.

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