Making absolute liars out of the creators of 2009’s The Final Destination thanks to that film’s widely hailed recouping of its budget, Final Destination 5 returns to continue indefinitely the series in which a group of attractive young people is targeted for elaborate murder by sadistic screenwriters. That the fifth installment has ditched its silly prospective 5nal Destination title probably speaks to the seriousness of its plot, in which Death’s vengeance is exacted upon the survivors of a suspension bridge collapse in a biting commentary on the state of the nation’s infrastructure. Or probably not really, as the film is once more essentially just another collection of random setpieces in which everyday objects and occurrences turn deadly, all while Candyman’s Tony Todd lurks around the proceedings in his all-new horror icon guise, The Explainer Guy. You’d think that just once in the course of his duties, Todd would recommend that, if you’re being stalked by Death, you should probably go ahead and cancel your acupuncture and laser eye surgery appointments.