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Here comes Jeff Goldblum to purr affectionately in your ear

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sometime around last year, someone seems to have realized that you can ask Jeff Goldblum to do basically anything and he will oblige, if not happily then at least with the sense of an agreeable space traveler willing to humor the primitive locals of whatever planet he’s temporarily found himself on.

Here he is gamely playing the part of Seymour Skinner in “Steamed Hams” despite having no idea what it’s from. Here he is reading extremely horny tweets about himself. Here he is rating strangers’ Jeff Goldblum tattoos. Here he is traveling to Australia to give away sausages. Here he is reading from an Independence Day children’s book. Here he is meeting and then stroking himself, in Funko Pop form.


So, when someone at Vice News Tonight decided to ask Jeff Goldblum to purr like a large cat so they could loop it for 30 minutes as some sort of uncomfortable ASMR thing? Yeah, sure, he’ll do that:

We look forward to, uh, whatever someone asks him to do next. He will undoubtedly comply.