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Photo: Monica Schipper (Getty Images for The Wing)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Lawrence has revealed—apparently by accident—that she’s developing some kind of documentary series “inspired by #MeToo, Time’s Up, and gender wage conversations in Hollywood.” She’s reportedly set to produce this with Catt Sadler, the former E! News anchor who left her job late last year when she discovered that she was being paid only half as much as her co-host, Jason Kennedy. Lawrence inadvertently announced the project while visiting the women-only workspace The Wing in New York City, saying she “wasn’t supposed to announce that” when asked for more information.

The Hollywood Reporter reached out to Sadler, who declined to comment, but “sources with knowledge about what the two are plotting” offered the #MeToo and Time’s Up connection and said that it will be a “deep dive into issues facing women today.” Documentary filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig (who made Fed Up and Katie Couric’s Under The Gun) is reportedly attached to direct.


At this point, it’s unclear when people might be able to see this—or when Lawrence actually intended to announce it.

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