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Jim Carrey can't stop painting semi-nudes of Donald Trump

Photo: Left: Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images), Screenshot: Right: Twitter.com/JimCarrey

It was barely two weeks ago that Jim Carrey raised the hackles of conservatives everyone by painting an extremely rude picture of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. So popular was the portrait that the White House press secretary’s dad, Mike Huckabee, got involved, calling Carrey a “pathetic bully, sexist, hater, bigot & ‘Christaphobe.’”

And yet Jim Carrey was not cowed by this. In point of fact, the actor and, um, “Christaphobe” was emboldened by it, because what he does now is pretty much paint mean pictures of Trump administration figures. Why, only a few hours after receiving the repudiation of America’s least funny uncle he was back at it again, stoking the fires of our country’s reactionary right:


He was right: This thing was even more of a hit on Twitter.com, the free website where you are able to see famous actors make political cartoons, among other things. It’s not Sanders who animates Carrey but Trump, and in the time since then, he has been returning repeatedly to his greatest source of inspiration, always with the sense of out-sized, elastic depravity our political moment deserves.


Just to clarify, yes, those are three paintings in a row of the president’s pasty, nude torso as imagined by the star of The Mask. What else has Carrey been up to, besides painting this expanse in various states of sexual excitement? Glad you asked! His disdain for the Trump family is not contained to its scion.


He also went the fuck in on Jared Kushner, who, you may recall, is the owner of 666 Fifth Avenue in New York, which is not the sort of imagery Carrey could pass up.


He has also continued his long-running anti-Facebook campaign with an anti-Zuck portrait, strangely in black and white:


As you can see, none of these have quite the venom of his Sanders portrait, nor do they have the gleeful depravity of his Trump portraits. Carrey’s clearly found his muse in Trump, a grotesque figure who lends himself pretty well to the new artist’s unique interpretive style. But it’s not all political ire here. Carrey has closed out the week on a more introspective note:


Cool. Head into the weekend with that in mind, not Trump’s withered body. Certainly, Carrey will be here to remind us of its existence next week.


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