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Lakeith Stanfield is live-tweeting the Oscars and it is glorious

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

As part of Jimmy Kimmel’s night-long campaign to keep people from talking too damn much while accepting their awards, Lakeith Stanfield was called on to reprise his role from Get Out. Dressed in the same duds as the film, he popped out to scream the film’s title a few times, lingering on stage for a little longer afterward than was really appropriate.

We’ll update with video of the bit when it’s available. In the meantime, please intersperse your A.V. Club content consumption by spending time on Stanfield’s Twitter page, where he is live-tweeting his experience with the same characterful absurdity that he always brings to the platform. He started off strong:


He did this one immediately after his very weird bit:


And then hit what is, as of right now, his best tweet of the night:


Everyone, please go encourage Lakeith Stanfield to keep tweeting.

UPDATE: He is still on Twitter.


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