Welcome to The Hater's new feature, Let's Get Excited About Things That Aren't Happening In The Near Future! Is the present not enough for you? Are there no entertainment ventures coming up in the next few months that excite you? Do you like generating buzz, then hype, then backlash to hype, then backlash to the backlash of hype? What about movie trailers, or clips of TV shows, do you like looking at those? Then this feature is for you! In our first installment, let's get excited about something that isn't happening until July 27, 2007: The Simpsons Movie. Now, I haven't been excited about, let alone watched, The Simpsons in years. In fact, the new episodes often cause me to experience reverse excitement (aka depression), because of their poor quality. But the movie seems worthy of at least mild excitement, if only because of its depiction of a literal rock and a hard place. Check out the new, extended trailer below: