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In news that might be good for Hamilton fans—but bad for those sincerely looking for erotic footage of “revolutionary twinks”—it looks like admirers of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s breakout historical musical might have a new venue in which to indulge their love of rhythmically rhyming founding fathers: PornHub.

As noted by The Daily Dot, enterprising musical theater pirates have turned to the free porn uploading site as a way to get Miranda’s Tony-winner to the masses. (Speaking of obscene, have you seen those ticket prices? Wakka-wakka, etc.) A video of the show—featuring the original cast, no less—has now gone up on the site a few different times, under admittedly very funny titles like “REVOLUTIONARY TWINKS HAVE HISTORICAL FUN” and “revolutionary boys get dirty on american politics part 1.” So far, the videos only run through the end of the musical’s first act, which is fitting, since that’s where one of the show’s biggest climaxes is.


All of this press attention means that the videos will probably get taken down pretty quickly, of course, so you might have to get inventive with your searches if you want to jam out to “Wait For It” or “The Schuyler Sisters.” Just be careful; this is still PornHub after all, and thus full of ads and sidebars that are doing their damnedest to try to get you to throw away your shot.

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