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Ron Howard goes behind the wheel for latest Solo: A Star Wars Story tease

(Photo: Getty Images for National Geographic, Tommaso Boddi)

Like any other Star Wars fan would, Ron Howard has been reacting to his gig as replacement director on Solo: A Star Wars Story by regularly posting photos on social media of neat stuff he’s doing and seeing while making the movie. His latest behind-the-scenes shot, which has to be one of the last ones we’re going to get before Solo gets a trailer, is actually more of a behind-the-wheel shot—or whatever you call the controls of some kind of space vehicle. It shows the dashboard of a very car-like vehicle, right down to the space gauges and steering wheel buttons that probably control the space radio or space cruise control. Or maybe the buttons are for dumping your cargo at the first sign of an Imperial starship? We’ll know for sure once Solo comes out and answers all of our Han Solo questions.


Solo is still supposed to come out in May, which seems unlikely considering that the last few Star Wars movies came out in December and Howard is still posting photos like this from filming.

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