Love Is Blind Season 4 | Date Announcement | Netflix

So we don’t know anything about the content of Love Is Blind season four other than the fact that it exists, but Netflix does say that it’ll premiere its first batch of episodes on March 24. Episodes six-eight will premiere on March 31, episodes nine-11 will premiere on April 7, and finally the final episode will premiere on April 14. For those who haven’t caught up with the show and haven’t already been swayed by TikToks about watching Love Is Blind, the premise of the show is that single people are captured and placed into pods with no communication with the outside world, and their only hope for freedom is to get to know other single people trapped in pods, fall in love with them, and propose marriage. Then the show continues to see how their romance goes out in the real world... but, in a way, once you’re in the Love Is Blind pod, you never truly escape.