Alec Baldwin gets all the attention, and Tina Fey gets all the credit, but the funniest thing about 30 Rock is Tracy Morgan. Why? Simply put: he's clearly crazy. But not the annoying, inversion-therapy-on-a-yoga-swing kind of crazy. Rather, he's the hilarious, take-your-shirt-off-on-a-local-TV-morning-show while-alternately-yelling-"Vietnam!"-and- "Somebody-gonna-get-pregnant!" kind:

A week or so ago, I said that local TV news shouldn't exist, but evidently, I spoke too soon, because that clip of a local morning show in El Paso, Texas (that's "Texas, El Paso," if you're Tracy Morgan) contains all the reasons that local TV news should exist, namely: 1. "I'm taking all the power back! Wait a minute." 2. That bubble tank, tastefully surrounded by fake plants. 3. The boistrous, inappropriate laughter of local cameramen and production assistants (you don't realize how beautiful it is until it's gone). 4. The information screen that keeps flashing that makes Tracy Morgan look like a missing person (and an "entertainer"). 5. "I gotta get them wheelchair gloves." 6. "I can't do that. It's graphic. There's kids watching… But I did get this leg blown off in VIET-nam!"