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Warner Bros. is making an Adventure Time movie

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Oh my glob! Mathematical! Bacon pancakes! No, we’re not having a stroke, we’re referencing Adventure Time—the popular kids TV show that is secretly for adults (but it’s barely a secret). And we’re not just referencing Adventure Time because everyone on the Internet constantly references Adventure Time, but because Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network have announced that they’re making an Adventure Time movie. Like, a real movie. It’ll be in theaters and everything. We’ll give you a minute to calm down.


Are you OK? Good. This comes from Deadline, which reports that the Adventure Time movie will be produced by Chris McKay and Roy Lee, both of whom previously worked together on another big-screen kids’ movie that was also adult-friendly: The Lego Movie. McKay has also been announced as the director for Lego Batman, and Lee is producing that spinoff, so it seems clear that WB is hoping for Adventure Time to be as much of a hit as The Lego Movie was. Deadline even points out how much “franchise potential” it has, which is the sort of corporate language that seems especially inappropriate when talking about something as delightfully weird as Adventure Time.

For anyone who has somehow avoided Adventure Time, the show is about a human named Finn and a dog named Jake, and together they have adventures in a place called The Land Of Ooo. There’s also a vampire, people made of lemons, and various crazy princesses. Did we mention how weird the show is? It’s pretty weird.

Anyway, Deadline doesn’t have any other details—like a director or a release date—but it does say the film will be an “animated feature.” Hopefully that means actual 2D animation and not CG nonsense, but at least we know it won’t be a grim and gritty live-action take. We also assume it will retain the show’s cast, but we have no idea. Maybe WB will hire a bunch of celebrities to play the main characters? That would probably go over pretty well.