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Fired Loud House creator is "deeply sorry" for alleged sexual harassment

(Photo: Getty Images for SCAD, Vivien Killilea)

Last week, Nickelodeon fired Loud House creator Chris Savino over allegations of sexual harassment, with at least 12 accusers referencing “unwanted sexual advances as well as threats of retribution after the end of consensual relationships.” Nickelodeon also released a statement saying that it takes “allegations of misconduct very seriously” and that it is committed to creating a workplace environment that is “free of harassment or other kinds of inappropriate conduct.”

Now, Savino himself has shared a statement on Facebook, saying that he’s “deeply sorry and ashamed” and that he now understands that his “actions and communications created an unacceptable environment.” You can see his whole statement below.


Nickelodeon has confirmed that Savino being fired will not impact The Loud House, which is still in production.

[via Deadline]

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