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Milo Yiannopoulos has been reduced to shilling "supplements" on InfoWars

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The last time we saw Milo Yiannopolous he was dropping the lawsuit he filed against publisher Simon & Schuster over the cancellation of his book deal. This was despite the fact that the discovery process had already made public the embarrassing notes process in which his increasingly frustrated editor repeatedly dunked all over him.

It wasn’t so long ago that Yiannopolous was a star columnist for Breitbart. For a brief, glittering moment, Yiannopolous managed to parlay this position into many appearances on a number of reputable(ish) outlets, before falling victim to a series of increasingly mortifying self-induced public fiascos. Today, Yiannopolous has resurfaced and, as noticed by writer Ross McCafferty, his latest humiliation finds him at an outlet and with a job much more suited to his non-talents: hawking snake-oil health supplements at InfoWars.


There’s a lot to savor in this 45-second clip. Enjoy the mass of papers for some reason all over his desk, a staple of the InfoWars style. Pause to breathe in the way Yiannopolous’ British accent really drives home exactly how indignant Milo is at having been reduced to selling garbage “Icuren 30-Day Liver Cleanse” to idiots via fake radio, when mere months ago he was selling made-up race wars to idiots via Fox News. Luxuriate in the muffled way he tries to psyche himself up to swallow some sugar pills, washing them down with bottled water that is surely not fluoride-free. This, unlike Alex Jones’ bullshit supplements, is the good stuff.

McCafferty, who seems to have listened to more than 45 seconds of InfoWars without having his brain explode like in Scanners, notes that Yiannopolous also tried Jones’ “Brain Force Plus” supplement.

“I did feel more energized,” Yiannopolous says. It’s been long established that Milo can’t feel shame, so it’s nice to hear he can feel something.


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