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Neil Gaiman will voice a longtime Simpsons character in this year's Treehouse Of Horror

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Neil Gaiman is a man of many hats. True, some of them are ill-advised top hats during flash-mob weddings (no one looks good in a top hat, even Abraham Lincoln eventually decided he would rather die than wear another one), but most of them are creative endeavors of one type or another.

So it wasn’t a shock when Gaiman tweeted out that he had been approached to voice a character on The Simpsons. After all, he’d already been on the show once before—playing himself on the excellent season 23 episode “The Book Job” back in 2011—so he had learned the fine art of standing in a sound booth and saying words into a microphone. But this was not only playing a character, it was seemingly a long-running character, as Gaiman teased with this tweet:


Of course, this is the internet, meaning it was only about two minutes before someone correctly guessed the character, which Gaiman then confirmed with agreeably British pragmatism.

Yes, Snowball II will get a voice box during this year’s Treehouse Of Horror. Of course, this doesn’t specify whether it’ll be a flashback featuring the original Snowball II, or the current cat named Snowball II who is technically Snowball V, but we’ll trust that Gaiman himself will pen several pages of dry wit from the cat explaining the definitive space-time coordinates of this particular feline capable of speaking English.

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