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The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere

While Variety and Frank Darabont may have already spoiled the rest of The Walking Dead’s second season for you, time continues to creep in its petty pace, aching to be filled, so you may as well fill it with zombies getting smashed up real good. Besides, Robert Kirkman just promised in a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly that the season's back half will see things “move at a pretty quick pace”—which hopefully means more zombies smashed up real good, and less monologues about the shifting nature of morality in an increasingly inhumane world, as though the apocalypse were just one long forensics tournament. To that end, this trailer for the show’s February 12 return is almost all action, with everyone—even the kids—waving around guns, plus a dramatic car flip for good measure. As Andrew Lincoln’s Rick shouts, “We all know this is not gonna end well”—and although it's possible we already know more about that end than we’d like, at least the rest of the season promises to have a little more fun getting there.

(Here's the trailer on AMC's site in case the above video gets yanked.)


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